Full-text reports
The Oslo Region Brand Management Strategy. Oslo Brand Alliance, 2015. Download here. Very well structured, and is must-read to anyone interested in contemporary city brand management.

City Branding. Theory and Cases. Keith Dinnie, 2010. Palgrave-Macmillan Download here.

Positioning a Place. Developing a Compelling Destination Brand. Cornell Hospitality Report, vol 11, no 2, Jan 2011. Download.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011. World Economic Forum. Feb 2011. Download.

A shared vision on City Branding in Europe. EUROCITIES, Nov 2010. Download.
Surprisingly critical review by Robert Govers and Bill Baker here.

Branding Your City. CEOs for Cities, 2010. Download.

Tourism steps up to the podium: Canadian Tourism Commission reports on
leveraging the 2010 Winter Games for Canada.
Interim Report for 2010. Download.

Handbook on Tourism Destination Branding. ETC/UNWTO, 2009. Download.Download

An Introduction to City Branding. van Gelder, 2008. Download.

City Branding; sense or nonsense. Riezebos, R. European Institure of Brand Management, 2007. Download.

Tales From Two Countries: The Place Branding of Denmark and Singapore. Ooi, C-S. Asia Research Center, Copenhagen Discussion Papers, 2006.Download.

The Image of The City – Urban Branding as Constructed Capabilities in Nordic City Regions. Jansson,J. & Power, D. (eds). Nordic Innovation Council, 2006. Download.

City Branding. How cities compete in the 21st century. van Gelder, S & Allan, M. 2006. Download.

City Branding. Lessons from medium sized cities in the Baltic Sea Region. 2005(?)Download.

The Branding of Cities. Exploring City Branding and the Importance of Brand Image. Winfield-Pfefferkorn, J., 2005. Download.

Shorter, yet interesting, papers from various sources
Branding initiative triggers city rejuvenation.
China Daily, 3 Dec 2009. Download.

Cities as Brands: Osaka City in Japan Reinvents itself. Srinivas, H – 42nd ISoCaRP Congress 2006.Download.

City Branding – All Smoke, No Fire? Stigel, J. & Frimann, S., Nordicom Review 27 (2006) 2, pp. 245-268. Download.

From city marketing to city branding: Towards a theoretical framework for developing city brands. Kavaratzis, M. Place Branding Vol. 1, 1, 58–73, 2004. Download.

How to brand a nations, cities and destinations.
Moilanen, T.J.M. & Rainisto, S. (2009), Palgrave Macmillan

PHILIP KOTLER's Review : "Teemu Moilanen and Seppo Rainisto produced this new book which in my mind will be one of the most valuable documents in the place marketing literature." "No nation, city or place should undertake the challenging task of marketing itself without first reading this book."

Professor Philip Kotler
S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

Full review by Professor Philip Kotler
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Doctoral dissertations on Place Branding
You made one? Please let us know.
Kavaratzis, M. 2008. From city marketing to city branding: An interdisciplinary analysis with reference to Amsterdam, Budapest and Athens. Download.

Moilanen, T. 2008. Network Brand Management Study of competencies of place branding ski destinations. Download.

Saraniemi, S. 2009. Destination branding in a country context: A case study of Finland in the British market. Download.

Rainisto, S. 2003. Success factors of place marketing: A study of place marketing practices in northern Europe and the United States. Download.

Moeller T. Landesimage und Kaufentscheidung - Erklärung, Messung und
Marketingimplikationen. Wiesbaden: PhD Dissertation, University of Hamburg,
Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, 1997.

EUROCITIES, 2010: City Branding in Europe
Nov 12, 2010
1. Introduction
2. Why have a city brand strategy?
3. How to build a City Brand from City Identity?
4. What type of brand and strategy?
5. How to involve stakeholders?
6. How to promote the brand?
7. How to manage the brand?
8. Conclusion

Download from here

Country Brand Index Reports
by FutureBrand
FutureBrand has issued annual Country Brand Index studies since 2005. The latest Index includes rankings and trends as well as country brand analytics, travel motivations and insights into the challenges and opportunities within the world of travel, tourism and country branding. With polling expanded to almost 2,700 international travelers on various criteria, this year’s Country Brand Index is more comprehensive, extensive and insightful than before.

See 2009 overview of the study in here or download it from here.
Order 2008 CBI report from here
Download 2007 report from here
Download 2006 report from here
Download 2005 report from here

European City Brand Barometer
by Saffron
The study, entitled ‘The City Brand Barometer’ and created by London-based Saffron Consultants, ranks 72 of Europe’s largest cities based on a comparison of their assets and attractions against the strength of their brands. To support the analysis, Saffron commissioned a YouGov poll of 2,000 consumers to find out what people most want from a city.

Download full report 2009
Download full report 2008

Nation Brand Index Reports
Anholt/GfK Roper
Download NBI reports
City Brand Index, Summary Data, 2007
City Brand Index Report 2007
Anholt NBI, Fourth quarter, Summary Data, 2007
Anholt NBI, Third quarter, 2007
Anholt NBI, Second quarter, 2007
Anholt NBI, First quarter, 2007
Anholt NBI, Fourth quarter, 2006
Anholt NBI, Third quarter, 2006
Anholt NBI, Second quarter, 2006
Anholt NBI, Fourth quarter, 2005
Anholt NBI, Third quarter, 2005
Anholt NBI, Second quarter, 2005
Anholt NBI, First quarter, 2005

Global Travel Trends 2008
The 2008 WTM Global Trends report was launched earlier this month at the height of the biggest financial turmoil the travel industry has faced for some time. The report, by global intelligence firm Euromonitor International, focuses on seven regions, highlighting key trends in each, including:
• Asia: Europeans settle for a good second life
• Latin America: Going long haul
• Middle East: Expatriate travel
• Europe: Travel networking.

Download full report here.

Suomen Maabrändin Rakentaminen. Development Programme of the Nation Brand of Finland.
Moilanen, T. & Rainisto, S. 2008.
Language: Finnish

Download full report here.

Network Brand Management
Teemu Moilanen 2008

A PhD study on Place Branding. Identifies organizational competencies required in creating successful Place Brands. Nine case studies of ski destinations that have created the best brands in their markets in USA, Australia and Finland.


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